Non-slip stair treads for making your steps safe and elegant

September 1, 2019


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Fall injury is not a sporadic phenomenon because not only a wrong step but also wrong flooring of the stair case can cause tripping and fall. Injuries from stair slip can take place anywhere—home, office, schools, restaurants and malls. Moreover, when a stair case is wet or even when it is not, injury can come to anyone using that stair. Non slip stair treads are being widely used today to resist skidding and reduce the possibility of fall injury. Safety stair treads can be noticed not only in homes but also in corporate offices where the health and safety of employees and visitors is an issue of grave importance.

Today the growing focus on decoration and elegance often forces designers to deliberately ignore the public safety standard and houses feature stair cases floored with the vinyl, wood metals etc. But non slip stair treads are available in all these forms and a home owner or an office owner can easily install safety stair treads at a little more expense.

There is a common perception that non slip stair treads are not fashionable from the visual perspective but in fact materials are available in the market that allow you to have safety floor treatment that reduces the chances of tripping on the stairs but doesn’t compromise the elegant look of the same. While some of the safety stair treads materials work as standalone coating over the stairs, others materials like resilient anti slip tread and non-slip abrasive tapes make beautiful designs on the stairs which further accentuates the aesthetic feel. These tapes are being used on the wood stairs and hard mineral construction.

Among the different kinds of non slip stair treads are rubber stair treads, vinyl stair treads, metal stair treads etc. While the tapes mentioned above are available in different configurations matching your stair width and expansion, the rubber, vinyl and metal treads are available in sheets and they are installed by professional experts. But when you have decided to finally use non slip stair treads, you have the option of using anti slip carpets which come in different interesting patterns to make the visuals more appealing. In addition, when you opt for buying these carpets, you don’t need professional help. You can install them yourself.

Another anti slip stair tread mechanism that is quite in vogue these days is fiberglass stair covering which gives a new look to the existing stair surface. It can be used not only in case of indoor stairs but also in outdoor places like garden steps, terraces and even walkways.

One of the benefits of having these safety stair treads installed by professional agents is that you can use the stair immediately after they finish their work. Moreover there are no prerequisites of installing these slip resistance materials. Whether your stair is made of concrete, or wood or metal (such as those of aluminum), these can well change the surface making it fall resistant. As a result, your medical expenses will be lower and your family members or your office staff will be able to tread on the stairs with more confidence. All these safety stair treads provide good traction to the steps but what you must look into is how durable they are. In most cases, consumers complain that after a few months, the coatings around the edges get worn out with use. Make sure that your retailer gives you the guarantee about the durability of the service.

Four Benefits of Adding a Sunroom

September 1, 2019


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Bringing the outdoors in has never been easier. Today, modern construction allows for the addition of a sunroom easily and affordably. A sunroom was once thought of as a luxury, but today it is a practical addition to anyone’s home.

There are many types of sunrooms in the form of a solarium, sunroom, or conservatory. The addition of a sunroom has many benefits. Here are four:

1. Additional Space

If your family is getting larger and your home is feeling smaller, then thinking about adding a sunroom onto your home is a great idea. The additional space is perfect for many things, for example:

  • A college student’s room
  • An additional place to entertain
  • A den for the entire family
  • A home office
  • Additional dining space
  • The options are endless with the addition of a sunroom.

2. Being Insect Free

How many times have you entertained outside only to discover that you have to retreat indoors because you are being bitten alive by annoying mosquitoes? Not only are mosquitoes irritating, they can also be a health hazard.

Other insects such as bees and yellow jackets not only hurt and annoy, they can also trigger a much stronger reaction in those who are allergic. Having a sunroom avoids most interaction with outdoor pests, while still allowing you to enjoy the feeling of being outdoors.

3. Additional Light

There are many varieties of sunrooms, some of which have the main purpose of adding additional sunlight to your day. Sunrooms, solariums, and conservatories all produce extra lighting.

A sunroom typically has glass panels for walls and allows for a multitude of light to enter. You can enjoy the nicer weather without the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. Some individuals burn easily or have a family history of skin cancer and do not wish to spend countless hours in the sun.

A sunroom is the perfect way to allow additional light into your life without the side effects of too much sun.

4. Enjoying the Weather

You can enjoy the weather without the effects of rain, wind, or too much sun bothering you. Sitting in your sunroom may just give you the feeling of being somewhere else for a few hours. You can hear the birds sing, and watch butterflies flutter around your garden without having to worry about the wind or sun.

Additional light, space, enjoying the weather more, and being bug-free are all great reasons to consider finally adding a sunroom. You may also be surprised to find that suddenly family, friends, and neighbors will want to come stay and play.

Does Your Backyard Need a Pergola or a Patio?

September 1, 2019


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A big empty lawn in the backyard can be an eyesore and feel like a waste of space. With summer quickly approaching, nobody wants to be stuck indoors all day and night. Creating a beautiful outdoor living area is a great way to expand your home’s footprint and entertainment capabilities. Melbourne is a unique city with unpredictable weather all year long, so it is important to consider function as well as form when it comes to your outdoor design. A structure is a worthy addition to backyards that have room for one, but do you need a pergola or patio?

What’s the difference?

A patio, a pergola, that shady thing – there are many terms thrown around when discussing outdoor living options, so it makes sense that many people are confused about the differences. In some cases, they are distinguished by different materials, but Stratco pergolas and patios are made of the same strong, high tensile steel. They are both used in similar manners, but the main difference is the design and construction.

Pergolas are generally identified by their lack of covered roof and iconic open lattice or cross-beams. Patios, in contrast, are completely covered and tend to be connected to the house. They each have their pros and cons, so how do you know which is right for your home?

Benefits of a pergola

While a lack of roof might seem like it defeats the entire purpose of an outdoor structure, a pergola is still a popular choice for many yards. Design aesthetic is a major benefit to a pergola over a patio. It simply looks more interesting and pleasing to the eye, which is nice when your living there but also when you are trying to sell the home. Steel pergolas are built to last, so even if you don’t plan to move for years to come, the benefits will continue to pay off in the future.

Stratco pergolas come with additional options to help you create the perfect design. The innovative Shade Blade system allows further protection from the heat and rain without losing the precious breeze and sunlight. Another common addition is to let vegetation grow up and around your pergola for a more natural look. If you aren’t sure what you want, there are many Melbourne pergola builders who specialise in all types of outdoor structures who can help.

Benefits of a patio

If you prefer an outdoor space that can be useable all year long, a patio might be a more attractive choice. The full roof keeps you safe from rain, sun, hail, and anything else the weather might throw your way. Whether it is summer or winter, you can enjoy your backyard with family and friends. Host a birthday party, “watch” the cricket, fire up the grill, or just relax. With a covered patio just a step away, the possibilities are endless.

Outdoor living space is a must-have this summer. Don’t miss out! Patio or pergola, it’s a win-win situation. When you decide on the right one for you or need some help picking, contact Outdoor Impressions in Melbourne.

How to Select Fine Patio Art

September 1, 2019


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Artwork is a great way to dramatically enhance the look and feel of your patio or outdoor living space. Pottery, fountains, statuary and even paintings can really brighten your patio.

To help you select the right type of artwork, follow the tips in this article below.

Tip #1: Think About the Elements

The elements can severely destroy a piece of artwork that was made for a room in your home. You’ve got to really think about the elements when purchasing outdoor artwork. Rain, sunlight and strong winds can do some damage.

Thankfully, many luxury patio furniture stores sell durable patio artwork. You want to find strong durable statuary that won’t fade because of rain and sunlight. You’ll also want it to be able to withstand strong winds.

If you’re thinking about an outdoor painting or mural, make sure it was done with UV weather resistant paint.

Tip #2: Figure Out Your Theme

If you’ve ever visited an art museum, you’ll know that artwork is generally displayed by theme. You’ll want to do the same on your patio.

Look at your furniture and outdoor living space. What type of theme are you trying to create? Answering this question will help you figure out the best artwork for your patio or backyard.

When you’re at a furniture store, bring a photo of your patio. It will really help you to visualize the artwork at your home.

Tip #3: Think About Media

There are lots of different materials to consider when thinking about outdoor artwork. Some include cement, glass, metal, stone and wood. As your examining the media, think about how it will hold up on your patio.

Will the wood warp and crack? Will the metal rust? Will the cement or glass easily break?

Besides durability, consider how the media will compliment your furniture. You might want to mix it up with a concrete statue and a heavy-duty glass pot. There’s no right or wrong way to design your patio. It’s all based on your preferences.

Tip #4: Consider Your Color Options

Decorators often use artwork to add a pop of color to brighten up the space. When searching for statues, pottery or even outdoor paintings, look for colors that will compliment your outdoor theme.

For instance, you might want to consider red pottery if your patio has a lot of green colored furniture. Take a look at the color wheel to find colors that will bring harmony to your outdoor living space.

If you’re having trouble, consider consulting with a design specialist at a patio furniture design center.

Tip #5: Think About Your Garden

We often don’t think of plants when selecting artwork. But think about it … how many world famous paintings are pictures of nature?

In some sense, landscaping is an art form.

As you’re selecting artwork, think about the plants in your backyard. Maybe two trees or bushes can really help to frame a fountain. If you’re buying pottery, are you thinking about planting anything in it? Think about plants when purchasing artwork.

Following these five tips will help you find some great art for your patio. Be sure to take your time and bring a picture of your backyard to help with the shopping experience.