Non-slip stair treads for making your steps safe and elegant

September 1, 2019


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Fall injury is not a sporadic phenomenon because not only a wrong step but also wrong flooring of the stair case can cause tripping and fall. Injuries from stair slip can take place anywhere—home, office, schools, restaurants and malls. Moreover, when a stair case is wet or even when it is not, injury can come to anyone using that stair. Non slip stair treads are being widely used today to resist skidding and reduce the possibility of fall injury. Safety stair treads can be noticed not only in homes but also in corporate offices where the health and safety of employees and visitors is an issue of grave importance.

Today the growing focus on decoration and elegance often forces designers to deliberately ignore the public safety standard and houses feature stair cases floored with the vinyl, wood metals etc. But non slip stair treads are available in all these forms and a home owner or an office owner can easily install safety stair treads at a little more expense.

There is a common perception that non slip stair treads are not fashionable from the visual perspective but in fact materials are available in the market that allow you to have safety floor treatment that reduces the chances of tripping on the stairs but doesn’t compromise the elegant look of the same. While some of the safety stair treads materials work as standalone coating over the stairs, others materials like resilient anti slip tread and non-slip abrasive tapes make beautiful designs on the stairs which further accentuates the aesthetic feel. These tapes are being used on the wood stairs and hard mineral construction.

Among the different kinds of non slip stair treads are rubber stair treads, vinyl stair treads, metal stair treads etc. While the tapes mentioned above are available in different configurations matching your stair width and expansion, the rubber, vinyl and metal treads are available in sheets and they are installed by professional experts. But when you have decided to finally use non slip stair treads, you have the option of using anti slip carpets which come in different interesting patterns to make the visuals more appealing. In addition, when you opt for buying these carpets, you don’t need professional help. You can install them yourself.

Another anti slip stair tread mechanism that is quite in vogue these days is fiberglass stair covering which gives a new look to the existing stair surface. It can be used not only in case of indoor stairs but also in outdoor places like garden steps, terraces and even walkways.

One of the benefits of having these safety stair treads installed by professional agents is that you can use the stair immediately after they finish their work. Moreover there are no prerequisites of installing these slip resistance materials. Whether your stair is made of concrete, or wood or metal (such as those of aluminum), these can well change the surface making it fall resistant. As a result, your medical expenses will be lower and your family members or your office staff will be able to tread on the stairs with more confidence. All these safety stair treads provide good traction to the steps but what you must look into is how durable they are. In most cases, consumers complain that after a few months, the coatings around the edges get worn out with use. Make sure that your retailer gives you the guarantee about the durability of the service.